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Database (Mediation)

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These properties are used to configure cSQL running in the Standard Route framework.

The Standard cSQL component belongs to the Connectivity family.

Basic settings


Select the component that opens the database connection to be reused by this component.

Use SQL statement from message body

Select this check box if your query statement is specified in the message body.

Query Specify a database query statement, paying particularly attention to the properly sequence of the fields which must correspond to the schema definition.

Advanced settings

URI Options

Set the optional arguments in the corresponding table. Click [+] as many times as required to add arguments to the table. Then click the corresponding Value field and enter a value. See the site https://camel.apache.org/components/3.11.x/sql-component.html for available URI options.


Usage rule

cSQL can be a start, middle or end component in a Route. It has to be used with the cSQLConnection component, which creates a connection to the database. For more information about cSQLConnection, see cSQLConnection.