Deploying MDM objects to the MDM server - 8.0

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You must always deploy your MDM objects, for example, data model, data container and views to the MDM server for any changes you made to be taken into account at runtime.


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, right-click the MDM object you want to deploy, for example, data model Movie, and select Deploy To....
  2. In the Select a server location definition dialog box, select the server where you want to deploy the data model, and then click OK.

    A dialog box pops up, indicating that the deployment is successful.

  3. Click OK to complete deploying the data model.
  4. Repeat the above procedure to deploy all MDM objects created for the MDM project.


Once you have deployed the MDM objects such as data model, data container, custom roles, and views, you have now finished preparing your simple MDM project in Talend Studio.