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It is recommended to categorize context connections in standard categories/folders similar to those in which you group Artifacts, for example, Common, Database, DataQuality, File, and Saas.

About this task

Refer to the Talend Cloud Demos project you can import in the Studio for an example. For further information on importing the demo project, see the Getting Started with Talend Cloud guide.


  1. In the Repository tree view, right-click Contexts or the folder in which you want to create the connections and select Create context group.
  2. In the open wizard, enter a name, purpose, and description for the context group.


  3. Click Next and set in the table connection name(s) and value(s).


    You must follow strict rules when naming the connections.
  4. Click Finish.
    The new context group is listed under the Contexts node in the Repository tree view.