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The user component folder is the folder that contains the components you create and the ones you download from Talend community or the public archive on GitHub.

Note that you can develop custom components using the Talend Component Kit framework and share them on Talend community. For more information, see Developing a component using Talend Component Kit.

For more information about installing and updating a custom component, see How to install and update a custom component.


  1. In the tree view of the Preferences dialog box, expand the Talend node and select Components.
  2. Enter the User component folder path or browse to the folder that contains the custom components to be added to the Palette of Talend Studio.

    In order to be imported to the Palette of Talend Studio, the custom components have to be in separate folders located at the root of the component folder you have defined.

    Note: If some pieces of code need to be reused by the javajet files of your custom components, you need to create a folder templates under the user component folder and put your reusable code there. For example, if there is a reusable code file Log4jFileUtil.javajet under the folder templates, you can reuse it in other javajet files by adding <%@ include file="../templates/Log4jFileUtil.javajet"%>.
  3. Click Apply to validate the preferences. You can also click Apply and Close to validate the preferences and close the dialog box.
    Talend Studio restarts and the external components are added to the Palette.

    This configuration is stored in the metadata of the workspace. If the workspace of Talend Studio changes, you have to reset this configuration again.