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Resources parameters are context parameters you can define in your Studio artifacts.

When an artifact containing a resource parameter is published to Talend Cloud, all parameter values are cleared and the resources must be added in Talend Cloud Management Console either during task creation/editing or on the Management > <Workspace> > Resources page.

During task execution a temporary folder is created, but only for the duration of the execution. Independent of the result (failed or successful), this temporary folder is deleted automatically after the execution is finished or terminated. The path to the temporary execution folder is determined automatically based on your operating system, or you can set it using the resource_flow_temp_folder parameter.

Resource parameters must follow the pattern resource_<parameterType>_<parameter_name>, all in lower case, where:
resource_ fixed prefix

If the prefix is not used, the resource parameter will appear in the Advanced parameters section instead of the Resource section in Talend Cloud Management Console

<parameterType> name of the external resource
<parameter_name> name of the resource parameter

Use underscore to separate words in the parameter name.

For further information, see Setting resource parameters.