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About this task

You can create your own components for use in your Jobs in Talend Studio and upload them to Talend Exchange to share with other Talend Community users. For information on how to create your own components and deploy them in Talend Studio, see How to define the user component folder (Talend > Components).

To upload a component you created to Talend Exchange , complete the following:


  1. From the Exchange tab view, click My Extensions to open the My Extensions view.
  2. Click the Add New Extension link in the upper right part of the view to open the component upload page.
  3. Complete the required information, including the component title, initial version, Studio compatibility information, and component description, fill in or browse to the path to the source package in the File field, and click the Upload Extension button.
    Upon successful upload, the component is listed in the My Extensions view, where you can update, modify and delete any component you have uploaded to Talend Exchange .