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About this task

One validation step contains a group of validation rules that you are able to view or edit. To do this, proceed as follows:


  1. In Metadata > Rules Management > Survivorship Rules of the Repository tree view, expand it to show the survivorship rule package folder that you have generated.
  2. Select the rule package folder of interest and expand it. Then the contents of this package folder are listed under it.
  3. Right-click the validation step item that you need to view or edit. Then in the contextual menu, select Edit rule.
    The selected step item is opened in the workspace of your Studio.
    In this example, the validation rule of this step is labelled 5_MostCommonZip, belonging to the rule group whose identifier in the established survivor validation flow is 5_MostCommonZipGroup, and it examines the data from the zip column. The when clause indicates the condition used to examine the data and the then clause indicates the target columns from which the best-of-breed data is selected.
  4. Type in the necessary modifications and press Ctrl+S to save it.

    The edit feature is intended for viewing items as well as minor modifications such as, in this example, the change of the matching regex from "\\d{5}" to "\\d{6}". If you have to rewrite the clauses, or remove or add some clauses, we recommend using tRuleSurvivorship to define and organize the rules of interest and then regenerate the new rule package into the Repository in order to avoid manual efforts and risky errors.