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The previously created filter did not return all the cities you were interested in, so you will fetch more rows potentially matching it beyond the sample.


On the top right of the grid, click Fetch more.
The Fetch additional rows dialog box opens, where you can see the status of the data retrieval.
The search automatically ends when it reaches 10,000 results, or the end of the dataset. You also have the possibility to stop the process anytime and show the rows already found. In this case several more rows of customer information were fetched, including some with Paris as city, the last value you were looking for. You can see by the rows ids that they were located beyond the first 10,000 rows of the initial sample.


By retrieving all the rows matching your filter across the dataset, you have managed to isolate the sales from all five specified cities. Any filter or function applied from now on will only apply to this sample.