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Talend Administration Center MetaServlet API

The Talend Administration Center MetaServlet API is an RPC style HTTP API, (not restful) that it is very easy to use and can be easily wrapped with a RESTful interface if desired.

MetaServlet API

All MetaServlet operations can be invoked via an HTTP POST or GET request. All parameters to the operation are encoded as a single, unnamed base-64 encoded parameter to the request.

The Talend Administration Center MetaServlet command-line tool is available in the following folder of the Talend Administration Center installation directory:

<tomcat_path>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/MetaServletCaller.bat on Windows

<tomcat_path>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/ on Linux

Running the MetaServletCaller with no arguments shows the top level help message:
usage: Missing required option: url
 -f,--format-output          format Json output
 -h,--help                   print this help message
 -json,--json-params <arg>   Required params in a Json object
 -url,--tac-url <arg>        TAC's http url
 -v,--verbose                display more informations


In order to get the full detailed help message, the Talend Administration Center service must be up and running and you must pass the --tac-url parameter.

--help all, -h all

Use --help all to get the full help, and the -h all for an abbreviated version. The examples below capture the output to a text file for subsequent reference.
--tac-url=http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator/ -help all > tac-help.txt

--tac-url=http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator/ -h > tac-help-short.txt


Runs a task based on its ID.

--tac-url=http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator/ -help runTask
  Command: runTask
Description             : Allows to run a task defined in Job conductor by its id. 
Mode can be 'asynchronous' or 'synchronous'
Requires authentication : true
Since                   : 4.2
Sample                  :
  "actionName": "runTask",
  "authPass": "admin",
  "authUser": "",
  "jvmParams": [
  "mode": "synchronous",
  "taskId": 1

In order to run a task, you need to know its system generated taskId. This information can be retrieved by executing the getTaskIdByName command.


Gets the corresponding ID of the task by looking for its taskName.
<tomcat_path>\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\classes>MetaServletCaller.bat --tac
-url=http://localhost:8080/org.talend.administrator/ -help getTaskIdByName
  Command: getTaskIdByName
Description             : Get task id by given taskName
Requires authentication : true
Since                   : 5.1
Sample                  :
  "actionName": "getTaskIdByName",
  "authPass": "admin",
  "authUser": "",
  "taskName": "task1"

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