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Cloning a Drools repository

About this task

You can use the Drools page incorporated in Talend Administration Center to import projects where business rules are stored and use them in production environments such as the tBRMS component.


  1. From the Drools page, select Authoring > Administration.
  2. On the menu bar, click Repository > Clone repository.
  3. In the open dialog box, set the connection information to the repository you want to clone and click Clone to import the project holding the business rules.


    In this example, you want to clone the BankLoanDemo repository from Git:
    • set BankLoanDemo as repository name,
    • set demo as organizational unit name,
    • set the URL to the Git repository from which you want to import the project which stores the business rules.
    • set your connection authentication to the Git repository.
  4. Deploy the project you imported to the Maven Artifact Repository.
    For further information, see Building and deploying business rules.


This will make the rules usable in Jobs with the tBRMS component.

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