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From Nexus to Nexus


  1. Go to the Talend Administration Center Database configuration page.
    To access the Database configuration page, you must update the file. For instructions, see Updating parameters after the configuration is finalized.
  2. Click Transfer libraries to open the Transfer libraries window, select the Nexus to Nexus tab and fill in the connection information to the Nexus repository where your libraries are stored.
    The connection information to the new Talend Nexus repository (talend-custom-libs-release) are filled in by default. You only need to select the Nexus version from the Type drop-down list (Nexus or Nexus 3).
  3. Click Transfer to start the migration of your libraries.
    A progress bar indicates the status of the migration, and a message is displayed to confirm the migration success.
    Your external libraries are now stored in the Talend Nexus repository.

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