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Monitoring the Service endpoints

The Service Locator is a service that provides consumers with a mechanism to discover service endpoints at runtime. The Service Locator consists of two parts: The endpoint repository and the ServiceLocator feature divided between service provider and service consumer.

The provider side Locator Feature registers and deregisters service endpoints in the endpoint repository when the provider becomes available or unavailable. The consumer side Locator Feature transparently retrieves service endpoint addresses from the endpoint repository when a service call to a provider is to be made.

Talend Administration Center gives access to the Service Locator in the ESB Infrastructure module which helps you monitor service endpoint status as recorded in the endpoint repository.

Note that the access to the Service Locator page depends on your license. For more information, refer to What modules and features are available depending on your license.

Using Service Locator in Talend Administration Center, you will be able to:
  • Monitor up and down times for a service endpoint.
  • Monitor live services.
  • Remove unavailable services.

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