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Recommended settings of an EC2 instance

It is recommended to configure your EC2 instance as follows.

For more explanations about the EC2 settings, see Launching an Instance in the Amazon documentation.


  1. You may choose any resource Location; however, it is recommended not to use the EU (Frankfurt) region.
  2. You may use any Windows or Linux OS Amazon image, as long as it is supported by Talend Studio. Please refer to the Compatible Platforms and Java environments documentation.
  3. For the instance type, we recommend at least 2 vCPU and 7.5 GiB of RAM (m3.large or m4.large). For more information about this topic, please refer to the Instance Types web page.
  4. Keep the default network configuration (VPC and Subnet) in the Configure Instance tab.
  5. For storage purposes, allow at least 60 GiB.
  6. You can create a new security group or use your own. The purpose of the security group is to control the inbound and outbound traffic allowed for instances attached to this particular security group.
  7. To launch your instance and connect to it, you will need a key pair. Following the instructions in the Amazon EC2 Key Pairs documentation page, create your key pair and save it in a secure place. In the Review and Launch window, click Launch and use the key pair you just created.
  8. Once your instance is started, it is attributed a Public and a Private IP. You will connect to your instance using the Public IP with the previously-generated key pair.

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