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What is Talend Cloud API Designer?

Talend Cloud API Designer is an application that you can use to easily design an API in a graphical user interface, without having to learn OAS/Swagger or RAML syntax.

Talend Cloud API Designer allows you to manage two important aspects of an API project:
  • Design: You can create your resources, operations and data types, define security schemes and add examples. You can also use an API mock to interact with your API definition at any step during the design. Talend Cloud API Designer also allows you to manage multiple versions of an API.
  • Documentation: You can easily document each element of the API and add extra text blocks to provide more information. The Live Documentation feature allows you to get a preview of the API documentation and share it with other stakeholders. Once your API is ready to be made public, you can use the API Portal feature to build a portal to centralize all of your API documentation.

With these features, Talend Cloud API Designer is a central element of a contract-first API strategy. It can be used as a single source of truth for your APIs, from which you can generate an API portal and publish documentation, publish your APIs to a third-party API Gateway and use the API definitions as blueprints to implement services in Talend Studio.

For more information about the features available in Talend Cloud API Designer, see the Talend Cloud API Designer User Guide.

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