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Introduction to Talend Cloud API Services Platform

Talend Cloud API Services Platform combines Talend products into a common set of powerful, easy-to-use solutions.

Talend Cloud API Services Platform provides a leading solution to cover all kinds of application integration needs with Talend Runtime and Microservice-based deployment via Talend Cloud.
Diagram that represents the process of creating design driven APIs as a circular chain of activities: design, implement, test, operate.
  • Talend Cloud API Designer makes it easy to define an API that meets consumer needs. It can automatically simulate the API using API mocks, then instantly generate a live preview of the API documentation. You can also create an API portal to centralize documentation for all of your APIs.
  • Talend Studio provides a powerful visual environment for implementing your APIs. These can then be built to run on Talend Runtime, or deployed as individual Microservices based on Spring Boot.
  • Talend Cloud API Tester automatically generates individual test cases from your API contract and allows you to field test your APIs by grouping tests together to simulate real world examples. It can be used from the early design (using an API mock), during the implementation for ad hoc developer tests and for fully automated API tests in different environments.
  • Talend Management Console helps govern, manage, deploy, and monitor the execution of all types of artifacts.

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