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Data storage

In Talend Cloud API Tester, your requests are stored in different containers inside a drive.

If you are using Talend Cloud API Tester with a subscription, all of your data (except for private variable values) is stored in the Cloud. You can access it from any device by logging into your account.

With the Free Edition, your data is stored in the Chrome extension. This means that if you uninstall the extension or change devices, you cannot recover your data. However, you can export your projects, services, scenarios, requests and environments and reimport them into another instance of Talend Cloud API Tester. For more information, see Exporting your data and Importing requests.


In the repository, you can find all your requests under MY DRIVE.

If other users share projects with you, new drives with their names are added to your repository.

Request containers

A drive can store requests but also other types of containers:

  • Scenario: a scenario is an ordered set of requests. It is very helpful to define a sequence of requests and play it again, and again, and again. You can change the order at will in the scenario's overview by clicking on the arrows to move a request up or down.
  • Service: a service contains either scenarios or requests. Children entities are ordered by type, then by name.
  • Project: a project contains either scenarios, services or requests. Children entities are ordered by type, then by name.

Each entity has a name and a description. The description field accepts markdown so that you get powerful documentation tools.

When you save a request from the testing perspective, you can choose an existing container or create a new one.

The children entities of a container are run in the same order as presented by the user interface.

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