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Validating HTTP responses

Talend Cloud API Tester allows you to test the behavior of your APIs.

You can test your API by using Assertions to verify that a certain part of an HTTP response matches your expectations. You can define assertions against the following response characteristics:

  • Status code
  • Headers
  • Body length
  • Duration
  • Status message
  • JSON body (using JSON Path)
  • XML body (using Xpath)
  • Body content

Assertions are validated in real-time, meaning that they are re-evaluated when you run the request and when you update them.

Assertions tab.

Assertions leverage operators in order to compare values and check the existence or inclusion of certain values.

For example:

  • Status code equals 200
  • Duration (ms) less than 200
  • Body content exists
  • The element located at JSON path $.id in the JSON body equals 12345

Assertions are a solid base to test your API, but you need them to be dynamic. Dynamic assertions allow you to test that the header Content-type of the response is equal to the header Accept of the request for example. You can create dynamic assertions with expressions.

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