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Handling data with Amazon Aurora

This scenario describes a Job that writes the user information into Amazon Aurora, and then reads the information in Amazon Aurora and displays it on the console.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The scenario requires the following seven components:
  • tAmazonAuroraConnection: opens a connection to Amazon Aurora.

  • tFixedFlowInput: defines the user information data structure, and sends the data to the next component.

  • tAmazonAuroraOutput: writes the data it receives from the preceding component into Amazon Aurora.

  • tAmazonAuroraCommit: commits in one go the data processed to Amazon Aurora.

  • tAmazonAuroraInput: reads the data from Amazon Aurora.

  • tLogRow: displays the data it receives from the preceding component on the console.

  • tAmazonAuroraClose: closes the connection to Amazon Aurora.

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