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Addresses data extraction and transportation needs.

tAS400CDC only extracts the changes carried out on the source operational data and makes them available to the target system(s) using database CDC views.

By default, this component automatically calls the AS/400-dedicated program RUNCDC to write the latest update information into a change table (a CDC table) and runs queries in the same table to read changes.

The RUNCDC program is automatically installed by Talend Studio using a savf script stored in the following directory: <Studio_install>\plugins\org.talend.designer.cdc_<version>\resource\fitcdc.savf.

For further information about this fitcdc.savf script and the command used to install the RUNCDC program, see the section describing how to set up CDC in Redo/Archive log mode (journal) for AS/400 in Talend Studio User Guide.

Information noteNote: If batch processing is enabled in the Job, the component cannot capture the order of changes and the source and target databases will not be synchronized.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

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