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Dropping components


  1. Add the following components from the Palette to the workspace:
    • tGreenplumConnection
    • two tELTGreenplumInput
    • tELTGreenplumMap
    • tELTGreenplumOutput
    • tGreenplumCommit
    • tGreenplumInput
    • tLogRow
  2. Rename the following components:
    • tGreenplumConnection to connect_to_greenplum_host
    • two tELTGreenplumInput to employee+statecode and statecode
    • tELTGreenplumMap to match+map
    • tELTGreenplumOutput to map_data_output
    • tGreenplumCommit to commit_to_host
    • tGreenplumInput to read_map_output_table
    • tLogRow to show_map_data
  3. Connect the components in the Job:
    • link tGreenplumConnection to tELTGreenplumMap using an OnSubjobOk trigger
    • link tELTGreenplumMap to tGreenplumCommit using an OnSubjobOk trigger
    • link tGreenplumCommit to tGreenplumInput using an OnSubjobOk trigger
    • link tGreenplumInput to tLogRow using a Row > Main connection
    The two tELTGreenplumInput components and tELTGreenplumOutput will be linked to tELTGreenplumMap later once the relevant tables have been defined.

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