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Mapping the schemas


  1. Click ELT Hive Map Editor to map the schemas
  2. Click the [+] button on the upper left corner and in the pop-up dialog box, select the customer table and click OK.
  3. Repeat the operations to select the state_city table.
  4. Drag and drop the idstate column from the customer table onto the id column of the state_city table. Thus an inner join is created automatically.
  5. On the output side (the right side in the figure), the agg_result table is empty at first. Click at the bottom of this side to add as many columns as required and rename them to replicate the schema of the agg_result table you created earlier in Hive.
    Information noteNote:

    The type column is the partition column of the agg_result table and should not be replicated in this schema. For further information about the partition column of the Hive table, see the Hive manual.

  6. From the customer table, drop id, name, address, and sum1 to the corresponding columns in the agg_result table.
  7. From the state_city table, drop postal, state, capital and mostpopulouscity to the corresponding columns in the agg_result table.

    In this scenario, context variables are not used in the Expression column in the Map editor. If you use context variables, put them in single quotation marks. For example:

  8. Click OK to validate these changes.

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