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Updating user information by interacting with a RESTful service

This scenario describes a three-component Job that updates the information of a list of users to a remote database through a REST service using the HTTP POST method. When executed, the Job displays the client-server message exchange information on the Run console.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The user information to be updated to the server is stored in a CSV file, which looks like the following:



  • Either create a Job as described in Using a REST service to accept HTTP POST requests and run the Job as a REST server to expose a REST service that accepts HTTP POST requests. Upon execution of the Job, the console displays the service implementation information, including the service endpoint URL, which is http://localhost:8045/users in this example. If you enter http://localhost:8045/users?_wadl in your Web browser, you should see the service definition information like the following:
  • Or get the service-related information from your REST service provider including the URL, the resource path, and the data structure, and make necessary modifications in the scenario configurations accordingly.

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