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Executing the Job


About this task

Then you can run this Job.


  1. The tLogRow component is used to present the execution result of the Job.
    If you want to configure the presentation mode on its Component view, double-click the tLogRow component to open the Component view and in the Mode area, select the Table (print values in cells of a table) radio button.
  2. If you need to display only the error-level information of Log4j logging in the console of the Run view, click Run to open its view and then click the Advanced settings tab.
  3. Select the log4jLevel check box from its view and select Error from the list.
  4. Press F6 to run this Job.


In the console of the Run view, you can read the classification result along with the actual labels:

You can also read the computed scores in the same console:

The scores show a good quality of the model. But you can still enhance the model by continuing to tune the parameters used in tRandomForestModel and run the model-creation Job with new parameters to obtain and then evaluate new versions of the model.

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