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Configuring the components


  1. In the tFileList Basic settings view, browse to the directory, where the files to merge are stored.
    The files are pretty basic and contain a list of countries and their respective score.
  2. In the Case Sensitive field, select Yes to consider the letter case.
  3. Select the tFileInputDelimited component, and display this component's Basic settings view.
  4. Fill in the File Name/Stream field by using the Ctrl+Space bar combination to access the variable completion list, and selecting tFileList.CURRENT_FILEPATH from the global variable list to process all files from the directory defined in the tFileList.
  5. Click the Edit Schema button and set manually the 2-column schema to reflect the input files' content.
    For this example, the 2 columns are Country and Points. They are both nullable. The Country column is of String type and the Points column is of Integer type.
  6. Click OK to validate the setting and accept to propagate the schema throughout the Job.
  7. Then select the tUnite component and display the Component view. Notice that the output schema strictly reflects the input schema and is read-only.
  8. In the Basic settings view of tLogRow, select the Table option to display properly the output values.

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