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Rearranging the components


  1. Double-click this new Map/Reduce Job to open it in the workspace. The Map/Reduce components' Palette is opened accordingly and in the workspace, the crossed-out components, if any, indicate that those components do not have the Map/Reduce version.
  2. Right-click each of those components in question and select Delete to remove them from the workspace.
  3. Drop a tHDFSInput component and a tHDFSOutput component in the workspace. The tHDFSInput component reads data from the Hadoop distribution to be used, the tHDFSOutput component, replacing tLogRow, writes data in that distribution.
    If from scratch, you have to drop a tNormalize component, too.
  4. Connect tHDFSInput to tNormalize using the Row > Main link and accept to get the schema of tNormalize.
  5. Connect as well tNormalize to tHDFSOutput using Row > Main link.

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