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Using COPY command to load data

Configure the Advanced settings of the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component to use the COPY command to load data, and then configure the first tLogRow component to display data on the console.


  1. Click Advanced settings to open the Advanced settings view.
  2. Select the Convert columns and table to uppercase check box and the Delete Storage Files On Success check box to convert the columns to uppercase and delete all files in the storage once the Job runs successfully.
  3. Clear the Use Custom Stage Path check box. Otherwise, the Stage Folder you specified in the Basic settings makes no effect.
  4. Select Manual from the Copy Command Options drop-down list and enter ON_ERROR='continue' FILE_FORMAT=(type=csv field_delimiter=',' compression=gzip field_optionally_enclosed_by='\"') within double quotes.
  5. Select Default from the Put Command Options drop-down list.
  6. Set Put Command Error Retry to 3.
  7. Clear the Stop on non-empty Storage Folder check box .
  8. Double-click the first tLogRow component to open its Basic settings view.
  9. In the Mode area, select Table to display data.

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