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Writing and extracting JSON documents from DynamoDB

Use tDynamoDBOutput to write a JSON document to a DynamoDB table and then use tDynamoDBInput to extract a child element of this JSON element.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

  • A Talend Studio with Big Data
  • Your AWS credentials that have been granted the access to your Amazon DynamoDB.
The sample data to be used reads like this:
21058;{"accountId" : "900" , "accountName" :  "xxxxx" , "action" : "Create", "customerOrderNumber" : { "deliveryCode" :  "261" , "deliveryId" :  "313"}}
21059;{"accountId" : "901" , "accountName" :  "xxxxy" , "action" : "Delete", "customerOrderNumber" : { "deliveryCode" :  "262" , "deliveryId" :  "314"}}

This data has two columns: DeliverID and EventPayLoad, seperated by a semicolon (;). The JSON document itself is stored in the EventPayLoad column.

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