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Loads data into Amazon Redshift from Amazon S3, Amazon EMR cluster, Amazon DynamoDB, or remote hosts.

The tRedshiftOutputBulk and tRedshiftBulkExec components can be used together in a two step process to load data to Amazon Redshift from a delimited/CSV file on Amazon S3. In the first step, a delimited/CSV file is generated. In the second step, this file is used in the INSERT statement used to feed Amazon Redshift. These two steps are fused together in the tRedshiftOutputBulkExec component. The advantage of using two separate steps is that the data can be transformed before it is loaded to Amazon Redshift.

tRedshiftBulkExec loads data into an Amazon Redshift table from an Amazon DynamoDB table or from data files located in an Amazon S3 bucket, an Amazon EMR cluster, or a remote host that is accessed using an SSH connection.

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