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Creating a Job for listing Amazon SQS queues

Create a Job to open a connection to access Amazon SQS, then iterate and list the URLs of all Amazon SQS queues in a specified region, finally display the total number of the queues in the region.

Prerequisites: You must create several Amazon SQS queues in an AWS region in order to replicate this scenario. In this example, four queues talend, talend-dev, talend-doc and talend-qa have been created in the region Asia Pacific (Tokyo) as shown in below figure.


  1. Create a new Job and add a tSQSConnection component, a tSQSQueueList component, a tIterateToFlow component, a tLogRow component, and a tJava component by typing their names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette.
  2. Link the tSQSQueueList component to the tIterateToFlow component using a Row > Iterate connection.
  3. Link the tIterateToFlow component to the tLogRow component using a Row > Main connection.
  4. Link the tSQSConnection component to the tSQSQueueList component using a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection.
  5. Link the tSQSQueueList component to the tJava component using a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection.

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