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Executing a Bonita process via a Talend Job

Information noteImportant: The Bonita components have been removed from Talend Studio 8.0 R2024-04 onwards.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario describes a Job that deploys a Bonita process into the Bonita Runtime and executes this process, in which a personnel request is treated.

The Job in this scenario uses three components.

  • tBonitaDeploy: this component deploys a Bonita process into the Bonita Runtime.

  • tFixedFlowInput: this component generates the schema used as execution parameters of this deployed process.

  • tBonitaInstantiateProcess: this component executes this deployed process.

Before beginning to replicate this schema, prepare your file. You need to manually export this file from the Bonita system and then deploy it into the Bonita Runtime engine, using, for example, tBonitaDeploy as presented later in this scenario. In this scenario, this file is Once deployed, this process can be checked via the Bonita interface.

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