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Creating the parent Job to get the value from the child Job

The parent Job calls the child Job, gets the value buffered by the tBufferOutput component in the child Job and displays it on the console.


  1. Create a Job and name it parentJob.
  2. Add a tRunJob component and a tJavaRow component on the workspace and link them with a Row > Main connection.
  3. Double-click the tRunJob component to open its Basic settings view.
  4. Select childJob in the Job field and check if the schema of the tRunjob component corresponds with the schema of tBufferOutput called in the Job, one column nb_line of Integer type.
  5. Double-click the tJavaRow component and add the following code in the Code field:
    System.out.println("The total number of rows is:"+input_row.nb_line);
  6. Execute the parent Job.

    The results are printed on the console:

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