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Configuring the output flow

About this task

To extract the data of interest, you need to configure the output flow. The operations to be performed are as follows:


  1. Double-click tExtractXMLField to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click Edit schema to open the schema editor.
  3. In the Output schema to the right of the editor, add and define the columns which correspond to those columns in the tBRMS input schema. The sequence and names of columns may vary according to your need.
  4. Click OK to close the editor.
  5. In the Loop XPath query field, enter the name of the XML Tree root tag, as it appears in the Configure XML Tree editor of the tBRMS component, preceded by the forward slash symbol and between double quotation marks, for example: "/loanSimulator".
  6. In the XPath query fields, next to the corresponding columns, enter the fields exactly as they appear in the XML Tree fields of the tBRMS component, in the Link Target area of the Configure XML tree editor, between double quotation marks.
  7. Double-click tLogRow to open its Basic settings view:
  8. In the Mode area, select the Table (print values in cells of a table) option.

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