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For this example, you must have a Drools file of .xls or .drl format that holds the business rules you will use in the Job.

In this example, the business rules are defined in an Excel file as the following:

  • The Import field (cell C:2) must respect the following format <projectname>.<lowercase jobname>_0_1.<jobname>.*. For example, dq_project.business_rule_0_1.Business_Rule.* means that the name of the project in Talend Studio is dq_project and the name of the Job is Business_Rule.

    Make sure to define in this field the exact project and Job names you have in Talend Studio.

  • the RuleAGE rule retrieves all clients whose age is between 30 and 39 and writes them to the first output flow.

  • the RuleREGION rule retrieves all clients who live in the EMEA region and writes them to the second output flow.

In the output schema of the tRules component, make sure to use the exact names of the rules defined in the Excel Drools file.

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