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Defining the properties of tFileInputDelimited


  1. Select the tFileInputDelimited component to define its properties.
  2. In the Basic settings tab, click the [...] button next to the File name/Stream field then browse to the location on your file system where the input Excel file is stored, or enter the path manually between double quotes. For this example, use <PATH_TO_WORKSPACE>/<PROJECT_NAME>/Sample Data/CSV/PurchaseOrderPayPal/PayPalPO.csv.
  3. Select the CSV options check box.
  4. Change the Field Separator to a comma, between double quotes (",").
  5. Change the value of Header to 1.
  6. Click the [...] button next to Edit schema to define the schema.
  7. Add three columns and rename them txn_id, payment_date and first_name (which correspond to the names of the first three columns in the input file, and is sufficient for the purposes of this example), and then click OK.
  8. Leave all the other parameters unchanged.

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