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Generate account number

This function generates a French IBAN number. As the output depends on different criteria, it may not be a valid bank account number.

This function only applies on String values.

This function requires no extra parameter.

An IBAN number is composed of several elements. Here is the terminology used for the data masking functions:
  • Black: Country code
  • Coral: Check digits
  • Light blue: Bank/branch code
  • Dark blue: Account number
  • Gray: National check digits

The bank/branch code and account number are randomly generated.

The check digits and national check digits are generated using algorithms to meet the French IBAN standards.

In the following example, the masked value is a French IBAN number, regardless of the input value.

Input value Example of a masked value
A26 FR76 3000 6000 0112 3456 7890 189

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