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Configuring the input component


  1. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
  2. Create the schema through the Edit Schema button.
    In the open dialog box, click the [+] button and add the columns that will hold the initial input data.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Number of rows field, enter 1.
  5. In the Mode area, select the Use Inline Content option.
  6. In the Content table, enter the customer data you want to replace with realistic values, for example:
    0|4244487462024688|Nowmer|Sheri|A.|2433 Bailey Road|Tlaxiaco|Oaxaca|15057|Mexico|271-555-9715|
    1|3458687462024688||Sheri|A.|2433 Bailey Road|Tlaxiaco|Oaxaca|15057|Mexico|271-555-9715|
    2|4639587470586299|Whelply|Derrick|I.|2219 Dewing Avenue|Sooke|BC|17172|Canada|211-555-7669|
    3|2541387475757600|Derry|Jeanne||7640 First Ave.|Issaquah|WA|73980|USA|656-555-2272|
    4|7845987500482201|Spence|Michael|J.|337 Tosca Way|Burnaby|BC|74674|Canada|929-555-7279|
    5|1547887514054179|Gutierrez|Maya||8668 Via Neruda|Novato|CA|57355|$$#|387-555-7172|
    6|5469887517782449|Damstra|Robert|F.|1619 Stillman Court|Lynnwood|WA|90792|$$#|922-555-5465|
    7|54896387521172800|Kanagaki|Rebecca||2860 D Mt. Hood Circle|||13343|Mexico|515-555-6247|
    8|47859687539744377||Kim|H.|6064 Brodia Court|San Andres|DF|12942|Mexico|411-555-6825|Kim@Brunner@San Andresorg
    9|35698487544797658||Brenda|C.|7560 Trees Drive||BC|$$|Canada|815-555-3975|
    10|36521487568712234|Stanz|Darren|M.|1019 Kenwal Rd.|$$#|OR|82017|USA|847-555-5443|DarrenStanz@Lake

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