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Configuring the output component and executing the Job


  1. Double-click the tFileOutputDelimited component to display the Basic settings view and define the component properties.
  2. In the File Name field, set the path to the file that will contain the encrypted masked values.
  3. Press F6 to save and execute the Job.


02 5550 8328;true
03 9757 4150;false
08 5550 3018;true
08 6557 6048;false
07 5550 5556;true
03 4168 8957;false

Original records are labeled as true. Substitute records are labeled as false.

The component generated masked output values in the same format - XX XXXX XXXX - as the input values:
  • Two-digit area code was masked with one of the defined values: "02,03,07,08"
  • The first four-digit line numbers were masked with one of the defined values: "2000,9999"
  • The second four-digit line numbers were masked with a value within the specified range: "0000,9999"
  • The input values use space characters as separators. Those characters are left unchanged in the masked values.

A format-encryption method and a password were used to bijectively mask data. Each phone number is masked with a unique value.

What to do next

To unmask those numbers, follow the procedure Unmasking Australian phone numbers.

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