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Configuring the connection to Hive


  1. Click tELTHiveMap, then, click Component to open its Component view.
  2. In the Version area, select the Hadoop distribution you are using and the Hive version.
  3. In the Connection mode list, select the connection mode you want to use. If your distribution is HortonWorks, this mode is Embedded only.
  4. In the Host field and the Port field, enter the authentication information for the component to connect to Hive. For example, the host is talend-hdp-all and the port is 9083.
  5. Select the Set Jobtracker URI check box and enter the location of the Jobtracker. For example, talend-hdp-all:50300.
  6. Select the Set NameNode URI check box and enter the location of the NameNode. For example, hdfs://talend-hdp-all:8020. If you are using WebHDFS, the location should be webhdfs://masternode:portnumber; WebHDFS with SSL is not supported yet.

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