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Configuring a DataBase Connection to Hive

About this task

This example uses version 3.6 of Azure HDInsight.


  1. In the Repository view, extend the Metadata drop-down menu.
  2. Click Db Connections, and then right-click Create Connection .
  3. Give a name to your connection.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Set up the connection configuration similarly to the following table:

    DB Type

    Select Hive.

    Hadoop Cluster

    Select None.


    Select Horton Works.

    HDInsight is leveraging Horton Works distribution on the backend. This will allow you to use Horton Works libraries to connect to HDInsighs.

    DB Type

    Select Hive.


    Select Hortonworks Data Platform V2.6.0.3-8 [Built in].

    Hive Model

    Select Standalone.




    Fill in the fields as required.


    Input 443.

    You will be able to communicate through the proxy port since the HDInsight cluster sits behind a proxy by default.


    Leave default.

    Additional JDBC Setting

    Input transportMode=http;ssl=true;httpPath=/hive2, where:
    • transportMode=http sets the transport mode to HTTP instead of the default Hive JDBC transport mode.
    • SSL=true enables SSL.
    • httpPath=/hive2 sets the HTTP endpoint.
  6. Click Test Connection to ensure the Talend Studio connects successfully to the cluster.

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