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Defining the table settings


  1. In Table name field, enter the name of the Hive table to be created. In this scenario, it is employees.
  2. From the Action on table list, select Create table if not exists.
  3. From the Format list, select the data format that this Hive table in question is created for. In this scenario, it is TEXTFILE.
  4. Select the Set partitions check box to add the US partition as explained at the beginning of this scenario. To define this partition, click the button next to Edit schema that appears.
  5. Leave the Set file location check box clear to use the default path for Hive table.
  6. Select the Set Delimited row format check box to display the available options of row format.
  7. Select the Field check box and enter a semicolon (;) as field separator in the field that appears.
  8. Select the Line check box and leave the default value as line separator.

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