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Reading the sample candidate data


  1. Ensure that the MapR client has been properly installed and configured in the machine in which the current Job runs.
  2. Drop tFixedFlowInput and tMapROjaiOutput onto the workspace.
  3. Connect tFixedFlowInput to tMapROjaiOutput using a Row > Main link and accept the propagation of the schema from tMapROjaiOutput.
  4. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to open its Component view.
  5. Click the [...] button to open the schema editor.

    • The _id column exists already because this column was retrieved from tMapROjaiOutput in the previous steps to provide the technical IDs of the documents to be stored in a MapR Ojai database. This column is required by tMapROjaiOutput.
    • Click the [+] button to add the other columns and rename them to firstname, lastname, sex, married, age and salary, respectively. The type of the married column should be Boolean, the type of the age column Integer and the salary column Float.
  6. Click OK to close the schema editor and accept the propagation of the schema.
  7. In the Mode area, select the Use Inline table radio button to display the table in which you add the sample data.
  8. Click the [+] button to add four rows and enter the sample data as is displayed in the image above.

    This sample data is used for demonstration purposes only.

    The data of the String type should be put in double quotation marks and the data of the three other types should be put without any quotation marks.

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