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cConfig Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cConfig running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cConfig component belongs to the Custom family.

Basic settings


Type in the Java code you want to implement.

Advanced settings

Use MDC Logging

Select this check box to enable the use of MDC logging.

To be able to use this option, you need to open the Log4j view in the Project Settings dialog box by clicking File > Edit Project Properties on the toolbar of the Talend Studio main window. Select the Activate log4j in components check box to activate the log4j feature. Then change the ConversionPattern in the log4j template to add your custom MDC property like %X{mdcPropertyName}.

To show the MDC information in the log, use the cLog component and a cProcessor before and after the cLog. In the cProcessor before the cLog, enter the code org.apache.log4j.MDC.put("Key", "Value"); to add the custom property. In the cProcessor after the cLog, enter the code org.apache.log4j.MDC.remove("Key"); to remove the MDC property.

For more information about how to activate Log4j in components and how to customize Log4j configuration, see Activating and configuring Log4j in the Talend Studio User Guide.

For more information about MDC logging, see the website

For more information about the cLog component, see cLog.


Enter the Java code that helps to import, if necessary, external libraries used in the Code box.


Click [+] to add the library or libraries that are required by the CamelContext or Typeconverter Registry to Talend Studio.

Click [...] in the Lib Path field to show the Module dialog box. For more information, see the tLibraryLoad component.
Information noteNote: It is recommended to use the camel-activemq-alldep jar instead of activemq-all jar to work with Apache ActiveMQ.


Click this button to check the version of the libraries that are added to the Route in the Talend Artifact Repository. The libraries are listed in the table below, with the versions shown in the Update To column. If the version of the local library is the same as in the Talend Artifact Repository, a is shown in the Status column. If the version of the local library is older than in the Talend Artifact Repository, a × is shown in the Status column, and the check box in the Sync column is selected by default.


Select the check box in the Sync column of the table for the libraries that you want to update and click the Sync button to download and install the newer version from the Talend Artifact Repository into Talend Studio.


Usage rule

cConfig cannot be added directly in a Route.



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