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cContentEnricher Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cContentEnricher running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cContentEnricher component belongs to the Transformation family.

Basic settings

Resource URI

This refers to the destination to which a message will be delivered if using a producer is selected; it refers to the source from which a message will be obtained if using a consumer is selected.

Using a producer

Select this check box to use a producer to provide additional data, that is to say sending a message to the defined URI.

Using a consumer

Select this check box to use a consumer to obtain additional data, that is to say requesting a message from the defined URI.

Use Aggregation Strategy

Select this check box to define the aggregation strategy for assembling the basic message and the additional data.

Specify timeout

This area appears when Using a consumer is selected. The timeout options are as follows:

Wait until a message arrive: the component keeps waiting for a message.

Immediately polls the message: the component immediately polls from the defined URI.

Waiting at most until the timeout triggers: select this check box to type in a timeout value in Millis. The component waits for the message only within the defined time period.


Usage rule

cContentEnricher allows you to use a consumer or producer to obtain additional data, respectively intended for event message messaging and request/reply messaging.



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