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cDirectVM Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cDirectVM running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cDirectVM component belongs to the Core family.

Basic settings

When using as a start component in a Route:


Endpoint Name

Type in any string that uniquely identifies the endpoint.

When using as a middle or end component in a Route:


Select From Existing(s)

Click this radio button to select an existing consumer. Click [...] beside the Consumer field to show the existing consumer(s) and select the one to consume the message.

Input Endpoint Name

Click this radio button to enter the name of the consumer in the Endpoint Name field.

Block if Consumer is not active

Select this check box to let the producer block if the consumer is not active in the Timeout period.


This option appears when the block is enabled. Specify the time in milliseconds before the producer stops waiting for the consumer to become active.


Usage rule

cDirectVM is used as a start, middle, or end component in a Route.



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