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cIdempotentConsumer Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cIdempotentConsumer running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cIdempotentConsumer component belongs to the Routing family.

Basic settings

Repository Type

Message identifiers need to be stored in a repository. For new incoming messages, identifiers are checked against the ones stored in the repository to identify and drop duplicates. There are two ways to store them:

Memory: messages identifiers are stored temporarily.

Information noteWarning:

The in-memory storage mode can easily run out of memory and does not work in a clustered environment.

File: messages identifiers are stored in a file. Specify the path to this file in the File store field.

File store

Specify the path and name of the file storing messages identifiers.

Cache Size

Type in the size of the cache, namely the number of message identifiers to store.

Use language

Select this check box if you want to specify the language used in the Predicate field to specify the identifier of the messages. In the Language list, select from None, Bean, Constant, CorrelationID, EL, Groovy, Header, JoSQL, JSonPath, JXPath, MVEL, OGNL, PHP, Property, Python, Ruby, Simple, SpEL, SQL, XPath, and XQuery.

For more information about how to use the languages to create an expression, see the site


Type in the expression to use to specify the identifier of the messages.

Add Namespaces

This option appears when XPath is selected in the Language list.

Select this check box to add namespaces for the Xpath expression. Click [+] to add as many namespaces as required to the table and define the prefix and URI in the corresponding columns.


Select this check box to detect duplicate messages even when messages are currently in progress; clear it to detect duplicates only when messages have successfully been processed.

By default, this check box is selected.


Select this check box to drop duplicates; clear it to ignore duplicates so that all messages will be continued.

By default, this check box is selected.


Usage rule

cIdempotentConsumer is used as a middle component in a Route.

Connections idemp: The idemp link retrieves messages deduplicated by the cIdempotentConsumer component.
  Route: As an optional link, the Route link retrieves all messages from the message sender.



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