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Accessing Confluent Kafka using cKafka and cMap

This scenario applies only to Talend ESB, Talend Data Services Platform, Talend MDM Platform, Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform, and Talend Data Fabric.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend Mediation Components.

This scenario will show you how to use the cKafka and cMap components for message exchange with Confluent Kafka message broker using schema registry.

Before creating the Route in this scenario, check that you meet the following prerequisites.
  • You have downloaded the set of Confluent Kafka Docker images from Git repository. For example, using the following command:
    git clone -b 7.1.0-post
  • Docker must be up and running.
  • Local Confluent Kafka environment is started using Docker:
    cd cp-all-in-one/cp-all-in-one
    docker-compose up

For more information about the cKafka component, see the Apache Camel documentation.

For the differences between Apache Kafka and Confluent Kafka, see Confluent Kafka documentation.

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