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cErrorHandler Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cErrorHandler running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cErrorHandler component belongs to the Exception Handling family.

Basic settings

Default Handler

This error handler does not support a dead letter queue and will return exceptions back to the caller.


Set Maximum Redeliveries: select this check box to set the number of redeliveries in the Maximum Redeliveries (int) field.


Set Redelivery Delay: select this check box to set the initial redelivery delay (in milliseconds) in the Redelivery Delay (long) field.


Set Retry Attempted Log Level: select this check box to select the log level in the Level list for log messages when retries are attempted.


Asynchronized Delayed Redelivery: select this check box to allow asynchronous delayed redelivery.


More Configurations by Code: select this check box to enter codes in the Code box for further configuration.

Dead Letter

This handler supports attempting to redeliver the message exchange a number of times before sending it to a dead letter endpoint.


Dead Letter Uri: select this check box to define the endpoint of the dead letter queue.

Other parameters share the same meaning as those of the default handler.

Logging Handler

This handler logs the exceptions.


Set Logger Name: select this check box to give a name to the logger in the Name field.


Set Log Level: select this check box to decide the log level from the Level list.


Usage rule

cErrorHandler is used separately or as a middle or end component in a Route. If this component is used separately, it will handle errors in all sub-routes. If this component is used in the middle or end of a sub-route, it will only handle exceptions that happen in the components of this sub-route, either before or after the cErrorHandler.



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