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Dropping and linking the components

About this task

This scenario requires five cFile components, one cIntercept component, one cProcessor component, and one cStop component.


  1. From the Connectivity folder of the Palette, drop four cFile components onto the design workspace.
  2. Connect the two pairs of cFile components using Row > Route connections. Messages on these two sub-routes will be intercepted.
  3. From the Exception Handling folder, drop a cIntercept component onto the design workspace.
  4. From the Custom folder, drop a cProcessor component onto the design workspace.
  5. From the Connectivity folder, drop a fifth cFile component onto the design workspace.
  6. From the Miscellaneous folder, drop a cStop component onto the design workspace.
  7. Connect these four components one to the next using Row > Route connections. Along this sub-route, intercepted messages will be directed to a new endpoint before the entire Route is terminated.
  8. Label the components to better identify their roles in the Route.

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