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cIntercept Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cIntercept running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cIntercept component belongs to the Exception Handling family.


Usage rule

cIntercept is a start component of a sub-route.


Row / Route: Select the Route link to intercept all the messages of all the sub-routes listened to by the cIntercept.


Trigger / When: Select the When link to filter the messages to intercept and click the Component view.

In the Type list, select the type of language you will use to declare your condition.

In the Condition field, type in the condition that will be used to filter the messages.

All the messages that do not match this condition are dropped by default or can be retrieved with the Otherwise link to a different channel.


To keep the original sub-routes untouched, cIntercept only be used in a separate sub-route .

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