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Viewing code and executing the Route


  1. Click the Code tab at the bottom of the design workspace to check the generated code.
    In the partially shown code, the source message is routed from "Source_file_cFile_1" .to direct:a and direct:b via "cMulticast_1". The message is then processed by "cProcessor_1" and given the message body "New message" by "cSetBody_3". The .end block of the Route is processed by "cProcessor_2". The message from "direct_a_cMessagingEndpoint_1" is set the message body "message A" by "cSetBody_1" and processed by "cProcessor_3". The message from direct:b is processed similarly.
  2. Click the Run view to display it and click the Run button to launch the execution of your Route. You can also press F6 to execute it.
    RESULT: The source file message is Hello world!. The message routed to direct:a and direct:b is set the message body message A and message B respectively. The end block message of this Route is New message that is set by the component labeled Set_new_body.

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